Oracle Supply Chain Management on Cloud

Automate your supply chain with

In present era where technology is continuously evolving day by day, supply chain organizations are also looking forward for an edge above the traditional supply chain management which was much more transaction oriented. Organizations are keen to deliver world class experience to their customers throughout the supply chain with real time 360 degree insights at every stage.

Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to innovate quickly, execute rapidly, and scale your value chain. Oracle SCM on cloud has significant benefits over the traditional SCM as it is scalable, affordable, and less redundant, in built integration capabilities and excellent intelligence. It is an end to end solution enables you to deliver and improve efficiency of your supply chain, to keep better control and achieve the business success.

Supply Chain Management Benefits for You

  • Automate your supply chain
  • Automate procurement, production and distribution planning
  • Get real time data insights at every stage of the cycle
  • Reduces operational costs and improves customer service
  • Reduce the risk of errors and manual interventions
  • Optimize your inventory management
  • Extensive reporting capabilities helps to take data driven decisions